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Immigration is a human issue at the border and in our community. Cincinnati is home to refugees and asylum seekers from around the world – families forced to flee from violence and lawlessness in their home countries.

After making arduous and often dangerous journeys to reach safety in our community, families face a host of challenges including an incredibly complex legal system, possible deportation and family separation, and barriers to employment, housing, and education. Having legal guidance and representation can make all the difference. 

In response to the urgent need for legal services for immigrant and refugee families in Cincinnati, the Immigrant and Refugee Law Center (IRLC) began operation in February 2018. IRLC is a one-of-a-kind school-based nonprofit organization that provides pro bono legal services across a spectrum of humanitarian needs for low-income immigrant and refugee families. 

We help our clients understand their legal rights. And we help them navigate our complex and intimidating legal system.

The co-location of our law office within comprehensive community learning centers in Cincinnati schools allows us to leverage a network of valued and trusted partner services that provides holistic support for families including clothing, housing, food, financial assistance, trauma counseling, early childhood education, English classes, and much more.


The Immigrant and Refugee Law Center provides accessible legal services to immigrant and refugee families in the Greater Cincinnati community. 


Equal and trusted access to justice and legal services for immigrants and refugees in the Greater Cincinnati area and a more welcoming, safer, and more stable community for families.