You do not have to speak to police or ICE. You have the right to not answer their questions.


If ICE knocks on your door, DO NOT open the door. ICE officers/police officers must have permission or a warrant SIGNED by a judge to enter your home or to search your personal property.


If ICE or the police do stop you or arrest you, you have the right to speak to an attorney and say nothing.


DO NOT sign any documents police or ICE gives you without speaking to an attorney first.


If arrested by Police, you are entitled to bond or a fee set by the court that allows you to be released from jail and be free while your criminal case is active. You may be entitled to have an attorney provided to you (Public Defender) at little or no fee.


If arrested by ICE, you DO NOT have any right to bond and may be held without bond while your immigration case is active. You have the right to hire an attorney but no attorney will be provided to you.


Always keep your important court documents in a safe place: papers you received from police, papers from ICE, receipts for bond, papers from court.


If contacted by ICE or the POLICE contact an attorney immediately!!!!!!!


Both parents are responsible for the care of their children.


If you must leave the U.S. you may take your children with you, even if they are a U.S. citizen.


You and your children will need a passport or consular ID to depart the U.S. together.


Both parents must sign the application for a child’s passport.


Both parents must agree to allow the child to travel outside the U.S.


If you are a single parent, you can get an order from a court for the “Sole Custody” of your children.


Guardianship is not custody, but is a legal agreement that you control.


You may leave your child or children in the care of a guardian in the U.S. if you choose to leave without them.


Always keep your important family documents in a safe place: passports, social security card, medical records, school records, emergency contact information and copies of any custody or guardianship documents.